I was saved at 12, in the basement of the church during services that some long haired Jesus freak kids were putting on, they seemed to really know God but, this group fell apart in less than a year. In my search for anybody who really knew God I became disheartened. And believing that Christianity was all made up I became an atheist. It wasn't until 10 years later that God found me. He sent a person into my life that had a good relationship with God, who knew his Bible fairly well and could teach me how to do both likewise. I have been walking with God ever since.

Why and What

His name is Steve. Steve taught me quite a bit about the Bible. The group that he was associated with had classes on the Bible and I took several. They emphasized learning how to study the Bible and understand it better. Also, I have read several books on how to study the Bible which have helped me. What I will share with you is what helped me the most. I took what I was taught and made it my own. I encourage you do likewise.


I have included a list of resources and books's for studying.

I have also included a list of books that I have gotten the most out of.