Finding the needed tools


The Strong's Concordance is the most common concordance that I know of and it is tied to the King James Version of the Bible. It lists all the English words used in the King James Bible alphabetically and puts a number with them, this number then ties them to their definition. Hebrew for the Old Testament and the Greek for the New Testament. It also shows every place that Greek or Hebrew word is used. Strong's is the most common and the one I have used the most and the one I will refer to, unless otherwise stated.

For computer

I highly recommend getting a Bible study program for computer. I have for a long time used and highly recommend a program called 'Online Bible'. 

I am in no way associated with them. But, I have used their software for a long time, and I appreciate the way they developed it and their heart behind what and why they do what they do and how they supply it to the public. They make it easy and inexpensive and it works very well.

But you are very welcome to find other software if you prefer.

For portable devices; phones, etc...

I'm an iPhone guy. My first smart phone that actually could do things was an Iphone and I have stayed with them ever since, I hear lots of good things about androids but have no experience with them. 

 [I am not associated with Apple] 

Online Bible makes an  app for the iPhone

I like it and I do use it but I prefer an iphone app called 'Strongs KJV'

[I am not associated with 'Strongs KJV']

I find 'Strongs KJV' app easier to use for the most part, but there are a few things the online Bible does better. Again your choice, but I do recommend having a Bible study program or two on your smart phone if you use a smart phone.