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First I am not a theologian, nor an English scholar, I am just an average guy who is a Christian and desires to share what I have found that has helped me to study the bible. I want to share what has helped me to have a better understanding of what the authors of the Bible were actually saying, and has made reading and studying the Bible enjoyable.

What I would like to do with this website is help you to get comfortable with looking deeper into the Bible on your own. 

Knowing what  English words the translators chose to use, then you can for yourself look at the Greek or Hebrew words those English words were translated from. Then you can see other places those Greek or Hebrew words were used, so that you get a better understanding of what they really mean. 

Learning to use computers and phones to Study the Bible.

I will set out some exercises that progress from simple to more complex, [which I do recommend doing in order] they will help you get more familiar with the software you are using. I have also included some videos on how to use the software that I use.

Some of my thoughts and findings.

I like the following analogy that the Bible is our spiritual food. To carry this  analogy out even further;

You can be spoon fed baby food.
You can warm up in the oven a preprepared meal.
You can go to the grocery store and buy what you need to make a meal and go home and cook it.

Or you can plant the garden grow the vegetables and go hunting and bring home the meat and then take all that into your kitchen, and make a meal. If someone fixes your meal for you then they decide what you eat. It is your spiritual walk, I encourage you to take control of it and make the most of it.

I will show you some of what I have found

I will included some examples of things I've found by using these simple techniques. 

So you can see what can be learned by studying the Bible yourself, and how much can be gained by doing so.

Ultimate Goal

My ultimate goal is to help people to get into the Bible themselves and not rely on other people, because as we all know,  that can fail.

Contact section

There is a contact section where you can fill out a form, that will send me an email. 

This is to be used for questions and dialogue and discussion. I personally feel much can be learned from a healthy debate, but any dialogue that appears to be turning into just an argument will be terminated.